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We build new age consumer and business applications. is an online service that provides all the tools for any consumer or business to send online email marketing campaigns and conduct surveys with demographics and reporting.

Do you have separate accounts for your email marketing and conduct survey campaigns?

We are a one stop shop for both email generation and online surveys. We provide an easy to use html template editor with drag and drop capabilities as well pre-defined templates to design your emails. We use the Amazon Web Services cloud for reliability. Our surveys support all the commonly used survey questions types and allow you to have conditional logic with the ability to change the question based on an answer. We also give you the ability to have dynamic response to generate a response page based how User answer the questions. And of course, we have great reporting with Charts and Graphs. Our goal is to have the best reporting on the Internet.

KaiaSoft, Inc is a technology company that builds tools to help individuals and business leverage technology to achieve better returns. Our technologies create synergies with our different products and services to help improve business and consumers’ communications and collaborations more effective to help your business drive sales.

Our mobile, web, and cloud based platforms delivers a new level commerce communication for our customers and their partners. We understand the value Cloud applications can provide customers, but in many situations you want to run applications natively so we build our applications to run as a Service or embed if your applications. We have over 25 years of expertise creating new platforms for the global markets. Kaiasoft modern sophisticated mobile, web, and cloud based services and products platforms design to make C2C, B2B, and B2C exchange simple and reliable.

We believe in building reliable modern products and services for our customers that helps run their business with a peace of mind. To make that a reality we always focus on doing one thing: deliver quality solutions that makes your life easier.

We go out of our way to learn everything we need to know about our customers specific business needs to develop a scalable, robust, feature-rich technology platforms to help our customers achieve their goals on the Internet.